Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Vedanta Aluminium Invites Partnerships With Cement Industry For Low-Carbon Products


Vedanta Aluminium Business invites partnerships from cement producers for using its by-products for manufacturing low-carbon cement. The company expressed its interest for long-term collaboration with cement industry players on opportunities of using fly ash and bauxite residue in cement manufacturing, in a national workshop conducted with global industry experts.

Fly ash and bauxite residue, the two most voluminous by-products generated by the aluminium industry, can be used in cement and concrete manufacturing, providing cement manufacturers significant benefits in terms of quality output, cost and sustainability.

 “We firmly believe that industries must develop waste-to-wealth value-chains to truly become sustainable. At Vedanta, we have made encouraging progress in this direction and intend to pursue it further. Long-term strategic collaborations, such as between Vedanta and India’s key cement producers, will not only eliminate significant volumes of industrial waste from the system, but also provide the trifecta of quality, sustainability and cost benefits for the cement industry. We hope the Indian cement producers come forth to work with us on this innovative solution, which is a true win-win scenario for the industry and environment,” said, Mr. Rahul Sharma, CEO – Vedanta Aluminium Business while speaking at a webinar.


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