Thursday, June 30th, 2022

Strong Renewable Path In Energy Transition For India


The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy announced that the total installed renewable energy capacity in India, excluding large hydropower, has crossed the milestone of 100 GW or 100,000 MW, which accounts for about 26% of the total capacity.

Ajay Mathur, Director of the International Solar Alliance said, “You see India has gone from 10 GW to 100 GW in just 15 years since 2005. It highlights the success achieved by simultaneously strengthening the availability of both equity and credit of human and organizational capacity in the solar, financial and financial sector. To continually change business models in the light of policy areas, and advances in solar technologies, investments and markets.”

Climate Trends Director Aarti Khosla said, “This will not only reduce emissions but will also bring cost savings and cleaner air. At a time when we are shining the world over for the spectacular achievement in renewable sector, we should focus on efficiency and emission reduction from coal, and make the need for thermal sector transformation to bring overall benefits to India’s power sector.”

Vibhuti Garg, an energy economist at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), said, “The feat of 100 GW of renewable energy is a testimony to India’s desire to adopt sustainable energy choices. However, the road ahead needs further acceleration of these targets to help India decarbonise its energy sector. This can be achieved through advancement in technology and finance across the value chain and also providing a stable and conducive policy environment.”

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