Friday, October 7th, 2022

Project To Recycle Single-Use Plastic For Building House Launched By Kimberly-Clark


‘Project Ghar’ has been launched by Kimberly-Clark India in partnership with the Plastics for Change India Foundation, an initiative to deliver sustainable housing facilities to on-ground waste collectors in India. A total of 30 tons of single-use and multi-layered plastic will be recycled over a period of six months, to construct 15 houses in the Hubli-Dharwad region in Karnataka, the company said in a release.

“Apart from directly reducing plastic waste, ‘Project Ghar’ is a step towards advancing the well-being of an underserved and underrepresented community. Once successful, the project will be extended to several other parts of the country as well,” it further added.

Kimberly-Clark, fulfilling its extended producer responsibility (EPR), plans to connect with stakeholders across the value chain – from waste collectors to recyclers and waste processors. 

“In today’s rapidly evolving circular economy, it is critical to implement innovative solutions to improve our collective environment footprint. Our partnership with Plastics for Change India Foundation for Project Ghar is one such initiative, which presents us with a unique opportunity towards delivering on our global sustainability vision and also makes a real difference in communities where we operate,” said Mainak Dhar, Managing Director, Kimberly-Clark India.

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