Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

Japan Wants To Build A Tunnel Underneath Panama Canal


The Panamanian government is considering a Japanese proposal to build a 5km tunnel underneath the Panama Canal as part of a new metro project. As per statement issued by the Panamanian government, Japan is considering investing in the Latin American country, including working on the Line 3 Metro tunnel project.

The President of the Republic of Panama LaurentinoCortizo Cohen held a meeting with Japanese Chancellor ToshimitsuMotegi over the plans, with up to 70% of Japan’s commercial fleet using the canal itself. The 5.3km tunnel is separate from the contract to build the metro line itself.

When completed the line will be 34km long and link Phase 1 consists of a 25km elevated monorail. If approved then construction of the new tunnel could begin in 2023, with the tunnel itself dipping to 64m below sea level.


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