Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

Indian Railways Used Bentley Software To Dictate Slope Protection Measures And To Visualize Rail Alignment.



They Saved A Total Of USD 24.61 Million And Completed The Design Phase On Time. 

Along a new rail line in Manipur, India, which traverses mountainous terrain, is a 141-meter-tall bridge in a high seismic and wind zone. Indian Railways needed to ensure that the railway bridge can run high-speed and broad-gauge railway trains for a century. To guarantee safety over the bridge’s life span, Indian Railways had to quickly and precisely evaluate the potential effects on the bridge during any type of seismic event. They needed software that would provide reliability, speed and flexibility.

Indian Railways evaluated multiple scenarios against varying design options to pinpoint the safest plan with STAAD and used the software for detailed structural design, determining bridge girders could be constructed with a variety of steel materials. Indian Railways used Bentley software to dictate slope protection measures and to visualize rail alignment. They saved a total of USD 24.61 million and completed the design phase on time.

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