Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Hydrogen Coalition Formed By Reliance Industries And Other Majors

Reliance Industries and multiple industrial players came together to form India H2 Alliance (IH2A), a new energy transition coalition. This will help commercialize hydrogen technologies to build net-zero carbon energy trajectories in the country.

The alliance will collaborate with the government on five areas: to come up with a national hydrogen policy and roadmap 2021-30; to create a national H2 taskforce and mission in a public-private partnership (PPP) format; to identify nationally large H2 demonstration-stage projects; to help create a national India H2 fund; and to create hydrogen-linked capacity covering hydrogen production, storage and distribution, industrial use-cases, transport use-cases and standards, the alliance said in a statement. Anurag Pandey, R&D team lead at Reliance Industries said, “We need to identify and execute large-scale hydrogen demonstration projects if we want to be part of the global hydrogen supply chain. Beyond R&D pilots, we need a ’hydrogen-valley’ style national initiatives across a region like a high-traffic industrial freight corridor, with multiple use-cases and the alliance will take the lead in this.”

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