Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

EEPC India Says India’s Engineering Goods Exports Boosts Due To Base Effect


India’s engineering goods exports to 23 key markets recorded positive y-o-y growth in April 2021, said on Saturday. According to the council, overall merchandise trade from the country surged primarily on account of base effect. “All the product groups other than ‘ships, boats and floating structures’ recorded positive growth during this period. The growth momentum has continued for the past few months despite Covid shadow,” said Mahesh Desai, Chairman, EEPC India. Engineering goods exports in April plummeted 229.74% in value terms to $7.60 billion from $2.31 billion in the corresponding month last year as per EEPC India’s data.

“Non-ferrous segment as a whole comprising aluminium, zinc, nickel, lead, tin and other products witnessed 110.5 % growth in exports during this period,” the statement said.

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