Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

By 2023, Travel By Road From Delhi To Mumbai
In Just 12 Hours


By 2023, one can drive on the world class Delhi-Mumbai Expressway which will also be India’s longest expressway. The flagship Delhi-Mumbai Expressway project of the Modi government is scheduled to be completed within three years, Union minister Nitin Gadkari has said. The cutting-edge expressway will cut down the travel time between Delhi and Mumbai to just 12 hours, according to reports.

The greenfield alignment, which has also been opted for building Delhi-Mumbai Express Highway, will help avoid habitation and check optimization of land-acquisition cost. Gadkari has said that his ministry has saved about ₹16,000 crore on land acquisition front citing that land could be acquired at a cost of ₹80 lakh per hectare for the project, as per the report.

The construction work of Delhi-Mumbai Express Highway will be completed in 51 packages. The construction work for Delhi-Mumbai Express Highway has already been started on 18 packages, the report said. The total length of the Delhi-Mumbai expressway, after completion, will be 1,320km with which, the Delhi-Mumbai expressway is set to become one of India’s longest expressways. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will cut the travel time between the national capital and financial capital of the country to 12-13 hours from 24 hours, Gadkari said. The total time taken by the authority to propel the expressway from concept to award is less than a year.

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