Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Arch Bottom Of The World’s Tallest Bridge Over Chenab Connected By Indian Railways

The bridge is being constructed on challenging 111 km-long stretch called Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link by the Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd providing direct connectivity to Kashmir. This project is being built at a cost of `27,949 crore.

Moving towards an unparalleled engineering feat, the Northern Railways connected bottom ends of the main arch of the world’s tallest railway bridge over Chenab in Reasi district.

“It is a team work but indeed, it is a big accomplishment for us. We are hopeful to connect the top ends by the end of this month or in the first week of April,” said officials.

It is being constructed at 359 metres above river bed of Chenab having 467 metres of single arch span across the river.

It will be 35 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower (324 metres). The overall length of Chenab bridge is 1,315 metres having 17 spans.  The quantity of structural steel used for Chenab bridge is 27,051 metric tonnes.

The launching of the main arch is noteworthy endeavour as it entails carrying heavy segments (up to 32 metric tonnes) from Srinagar end of workshop with the help of the world longest cable crane arrangement and executing erection works from both ends (Bakkal and Kouri).

The Chenab bridge has been constructed in a way that makes it capable of dealing with natural disasters and it is also made blastproof and fireproof giving it the ability to withstand any explosion.

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