Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

L&T Construction Wins Contract To Extend Mainline Corridor Of Mauritius Metro

L&T Construction’s Transportation Infrastructure business has won a contract order, valued in the range of $185m -$462.9, from Metro Express Limited (MEL) to extend the mainline corridor of the Mauritius Metro by 3.4km.

The 3.4km extension of the mainline corridor of the Mauritius Metro will link the highly populated areas of Ebene Cyber City and the University of Mauritius and is expected to boost the development of the island nation Under this contract, L&T Construction will build a completely integrated light rail-based Urban Transit System from Rose Hill Interchange towards Ebene reaching Reduit near the University of Mauritius.

L&T will be responsible for procurement, fabrication, assembly, painting and transportation of 28 bridges to several locations that will cross over rivers, roads, railway lines and other structures.

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