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Ultra-Modern Waterproofing Technologies

The aim of waterproofing is to restrict unwanted water from entering the built environment. FAIRMATE provides full range of technologies and solutions for waterproofing of structures like coating systems, membrane systems, integral waterproofing compounds, impregnations and grouting. Fairmate’s two utmost products, which are giving excellent performance and combined with new technologies, are discussed here.

WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE is polymer modified bitumen based, fibre reinforced, liquid applied, flexible waterproofing membrane. This is a single component high performance waterproofing membrane with high elasticity and low water permeability. Further, the membrane complies with ASTM C 836- 84.

In addition to bitumen and polymer, WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE also contains fibres, which improve the properties of coating system. These fibres enhance the crack resistance property, tensile strength and abrasion resistance of the coating. WATERGUARD LIQUID MEMBRANE has several benefits, including resistance to ground salts, very low water permeability, high elasticity, tightness to structure, among others.

This membrane is particularly suitable for a wide range of applications, including wet areas, foundations, basements, terraces, retaining walls, bridge abutments, planters, etc.

The second excellent waterproofing solution, WATERGUARD MAGIC, is onetime and lifetime waterproofing of the concrete with no further maintenance cost. It is a biochemically modified waterproofing solution, which waterproofs the concrete for its entire useful life. Once it is applied to cementitious concrete, the structure never leaks, the steel never rusts, although attack from the underside of such untreated areas may occur. WATERGUARD MAGIC treated areas permanently eradicate concrete spalling whilst preventing freeze/thaw and de-icing salt damage.


Apart from waterproofing, WATERGUARD MAGIC also delivers other tangible construction benefits:

  1. As it directly penetrates into the concrete and it does not make any film, you will never observe problems like puncture in coating, delamination of coating, etc.
  2. It penetrates in to the concrete up to 30 mm in concrete slab so it will provide the complete water tightness to the entire substrate.
  3. Easy application – It can be applied very easy and fast when compared to traditional membrane detailing work.
  4. No Mechanical Damage – Once applied it cannot be damaged by other trades on site.
  5. Crack sealing- Permanently seals cracks up to 2 mm
  6. Value for money product- any waterproofing coating will give protection for 3-5 years but this product is onetime waterproofing.


WATERGUARD MAGIC not only replaces all currently known above grade membrane applications, but of course by default becomes best concrete protection technology. WATERGUARD MAGIC works like a magic in case of waterproofing!!

Remember that Prevention is better than cure!!


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