Thursday, June 30th, 2022

“The ROTHO Business Model Is Designed For Long-Term And Sustainable Success”

Mr. Dattatreya Ghosh
Country Head – SAARC


ROTHO is an integral part of the Siegerland metal working industry. With much more than 1,000 installations in over 70 countries, ROTHO is one of the worldwide leaders in ceramic drying equipment and concrete curing systems. Mr. Dattatreya Ghosh, in conversation with CE&CR, shares his views on the trends and development in the concrete curing segment, digitisation and effect of the pandemic on the sector.


Civil Engineering and Construction Review: Could you elaborate on the solutions ROTHO provides in concrete curing? What are the in-built features to control moisture loss and maintain concrete temperature?

Dattatreya Ghosh: ROTHO is one of the leading manufacturers of professional curing systems – 100% Made in Germany. The ROTHO curing system works on the principle of AIR CIRCULATION, where the customer does not have to use any additional water or steam to cure their concrete products. The curing chamber is fully enclosed with sandwich puff panels, of around 100 mm thickness. A tight installation helps to control the temperature and moisture losses, along with maintaining a temperature of up to 30-35°C.


CE&CR: How have analytics, telematics and artificial intelligence helped ROTHO’s concrete curing technologies?

Dattatreya Ghosh: ROTHO uses various sensors to collect data from the curing chamber. These sensors are installed in different places inside the curing chamber where data, such as temperature and humidity of the climate, are collected. This data is stored on the server to give the client the freedom to check the parameters at any time of the day via the touch screen display on the switch board.


CE&CR: The quality of concrete produced depends on the selection of the right type of curing machinery. What do you think the major parameters a customer looks into while opting for curing machinery?

Dattatreya Ghosh: To archive the best curing results, concrete products need a humidity of around 90% and a temperature of 30-35°C inside the curing chamber. If this humidity and temperature can be consistently maintained, the concrete products will be cured properly and can be taken out of the chamber after approximately 20 hours. In consequence, the customer will save a minimum of 15 days of curing time, as well as water, which normally needs to be distributed in the natural curing process. Therefore, if you are using the right type of curing system you will save a lot of costs in the long run. Nevertheless, the major parameter the customers look at is the initial investment.

CE&CR: What kind of promotional activities has ROTHO assumed to obtain clients and increase market share in the curing segment?

Dattatreya Ghosh: ROTHO has a very reliable sales force, which is constantly working within the market, actively promoting the intelligent curing system in more than 70 countries around the world. ROTHO takes part in all major exhibitions happening all over the world and uses their LinkedIn page to publish all the major developments. Altogether, the ROTHO business model is designed for long-term and sustainable success in close cooperation with their customers.

CE&CR: What is your total investment in India? Given the global and domestic slowdown in the construction industry, how do you expect the market going ahead?

Dattatreya Ghosh: Due to this lockdown caused by COVID-19, many orders have been postponed, but we hope to continue on as soon as possible. Currently, we are finalizing new projects with 4 clients who have verbally informed us that they want to go with the advanced ROTHO system. I expect that the market will slowly pick up again and customers who are interested in producing quality products will consider ROTHO.


CE&CR: What is your revival strategy to handle the situation in the post-lockdown scenario?

Dattatreya Ghosh: To help this situation, ROTHO decided to offer special payment conditions to those customers who are ordering the curing system.


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