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The Art Of Scaffolding: Layher Allround Scaffolding For Construction Of Cable-Stayed Bridge


Mithilesh Kumar
Layher Scaffolding Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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Layher’s present product characteristics and services help customers achieve long-term success and increase the profitability of their companies. The Layher Allround Scaffolding has been established as a synonym for modular scaffolds in the market. The Allround Scaffolding offers unsurpassed versatility to be used in construction sites, chemical industry, power plants, aircraft, shipyards, event sector, theatres and arenas.

Application Of Allround Scaffolding In Construction Of Cable-Stayed Bridge

Optimum adaptation to the structure’s geometry – flexibility in use: to build a pylon for a cable-stayed bridge, Allround Scaffolding from Layher proved to be the ideal solution both as the support/work scaffolding and for site access. Using expansion parts such as the innovative Allround TG 60 Shoring Frames, it was possible during concreting work on a binding beam not only to safely disperse high point loads, but also to integrate a platform stairway tower without any problem.

Cable-Stayed Bridge Over A Railway Line In Raunheim, Hesse

Application of Allround Scaffolding is suitable for Shoring, work scaffolding and stairway tower. Engineer in charge concluded during construction of a cable-stayed bridge over a railway line in Raunheim, Hesse. To allow its about 55 metre high pylon to be built safely, both shoring to disperse the high loads in the area of a binding beam in 36 metres up, and birdcage scaffolding optimally adapted to the ‘A’ shape and including work platforms and stairway tower were needed to provide access to the climbing formwork. All these needs were ideally met with only one system – Allround Scaffolding from Layher. This modular system scaffolding permits, with its bolt-free wedge-head connection technology, not only rapid assembly, but also – thanks to a comprehensive range of parts – unlimited applications, even with very difficult ground plans and anchoring conditions or with complex architecture.

A crucial advantage for the construction company, during this project was the use of the Allround Shoring Frame TG 60, which combines with standard parts from the proven Allround range to construct very strong shoring towers. The reduced number of components in the prefabricated shoring frames when compared with single parts, the low component weight of no more than 20 kilograms and variable bay lengths all help to ensure, thanks to their easy assembly, a high degree of efficiency at the site, while compatibility with Allround Scaffolding means high flexibility. Every requirement on a site can be met economically using the Allround construction kit – whether it’s connecting up large shoring structures using Allround ledgers and diagonal braces, adapting to different geometries, or adding work levels and stairway towers.

The construction company, being responsible for formwork and scaffolding as well as for planning and material supplies, developed in cooperation with Layher’s Technical Office and the scaffolding construction company a solution that was both slender and strong: “The basis was an Allround birdcage structure that could be flexibly adapted to the tapering shape as work progressed. Since HEB beams had to be temporarily installed to brace the pylon, our scaffolding erectors also used Layher steel decks and lattice beams to assemble two work platforms, at the 10 and 18 metre levels, for storing and assembling individual parts”, reports of project manager of the company entrusted with assembling the scaffolding.

Cable-Stayed Bridge Over A Railway Line In Raunheim, Hesse

Also integrated was the Allround Shoring Frame TG 60 for dispersing the high point loads during concreting work on the binding beam, plus an Allround platform stairway tower. It ensured access to the climbing formwork during every construction phase. All components are compatible with one another and can be attached quickly and automatically at right angles, using the wedge head connection. The scaffolding erectors also proved resourceful when it came to logistics: for vertical transport of the scaffolding material, they simply used the site crane to cope with the height of the scaffolding. That enabled three erectors to put up the 52 metre high scaffolding structure for the pylon, already visible far and wide. This pylon will be supporting, with its steel cables, the approximately 800 ton weight of the cable-stayed bridge – a sound solution in every respect.

Layher Allround Scaffolding Systems is performing like All-rounder.

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