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The Art Of Scaffolding – Ideal For Construction Of Cooling Tower


Mithilesh Kumar
Layher Scaffolding Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The Layher (the Name of German Company) is producing high-quality scaffolding systems from more than 75 years. Layher is present worldwide with more than 40 sales subsidiaries. The products are used for building and construction, in all kinds of industries like Chemical plants, Oil and Gas Power plants, shipyards and offshore. Due to innovative products, superior technical solutions and Layher’s absolute customer orientated service package Layher has become the standard in scaffolding systems worldwide.

More Possibilities. Layher Products and Services

Customers can see for themselves the capabilities of Layher Allround Scaffolding Systems every day with its corporate philosophy of “More possibilities. The Scaffolding System”. Layher presents product characteristics and services that help customers achieve long-term success and increase the profitability of their companies. Continually optimising all its scaffolding systems and making their application more effective gives Layher’s customers a crucial advantage in their practical operations.

The Layher Allround Scaffolding has been established as a synonym for modular scaffolds on the market. With its unique, bolt-less connection technique, the patented Allround joint replaced the conventional scaffold technique. The Allround Scaffolding offers unsurpassed versatility in use: on construction sites, in industry, in the chemical industry, in power plants, in the aircraft sector and in shipyards, in the event sector, in theatres and arenas Allround Scaffolding does full justice to its reputation as an “Allrounder”.

Requirements for a working, a protection, a facade or support scaffolding with the most difficult structures and architecture including the engineering construction sector were supremely fulfilled with Allround Scaffolding. The focus of this system is the Allround joint permitting up to 8 connections in one plane with automatic right angling and flexible angle selection with self-locking wedge head couplers.

Layher Allround Scaffolding Suitable for Support Ring Beam Support

Application Of Allround Scaffolding – Construction Of Cooling Tower In Power Station

All thermal power stations need cooling towers, and it can be natural draft cooling towers or inductions draft cooling tower. A cooling tower houses a large network of RCC columns and beams to create the supporting for the cooling fills. The construction of cooling tower is challenging task due to heavy load coming on inclined columns and ring beam. The selection of support systems (scaffolding or temporary structure) to construct NDCT ring beam and inclined circular columns is very important to complete the project. Layher Allround Scaffolding systems provide unique, bolt-less connection technique, the patented Allround joint has replaced the conventional scaffold technique especially in construction of cooling tower. Allround Scaffolding can accommodate all types of high loads and is the ideal system for all kinds of support scaffolding. Allround scaffolding has an efficient solution to deal with all challenges, regardless of whether they involve false work at great height or round inner scaffolding.

A ring beam over the inclined columns constitutes the first lift of the cooling tower shell. It needs to be built in a modular scaffolding system to construct ring beam and inclined column. This lift acts as a starter for further laying lifts of the cooling tower shell by use of very special support systems which is best possible by using Layher Allround Scaffolding Systems. For construction of first lift, with the help of Allround Scaffolding is used to support inclined shell and NDCT (natural draft cooling tower) ring beam. Layher Allround Scaffolding gives outstanding performance against true curvature of the shell support (replacing traditional support systems) and for effective transfer of stresses.

Layher Allround Scaffolding makes an ideal propping system specially during pouring of concrete and to resist concrete pressure, friction hoists to lift the buckets full of concrete to the working platform, concrete mixers and needle vibrators, to optical instruments to check the alignment and curvature of the ring beam buckets and trolleys for concrete transportation.

Evenly distributed and radially arranged supporting towers made of Allround equipment provides the crucial bracing needed by the circular scaffolding. These supporting structures are, thanks to Allround equipment, ideally matched to the circular scaffolding requiring the bracing effect, and thus absorb a substantial proportion of the horizontal load components from the Allround Scaffold structure.

Layher Scaffolding Systems Suitable for Construction of NDCT Ring Bean and Inclined Racker Column

Layher Allround has a suitable solution for all access need on construction site. Access stairway towers for a broad spectrum of applications and requirements are created at the site for hoisting of concrete buckets, passenger hoist and to accommodate and safe Modular Stairway, accesses that always fit and that match the system can be constructed (replacement of huge quantities of scaffolding pipes and clamps) are possible by using Allround Scaffold Systems.

Components of Allround scaffolding pipes can be supplemented with

  • Allround Standard and Horizontal/Ledger tubes dia. 48.3 mm as per EN and IS
  • Scaffolding Coupler as per EN 74

Permissible load can be increased considerably by using Layher Special Reinforced base plate, Head Jack (U-Head), and diagonals suitable for Heavy load and horizontal.

The structures that stand out as living testimonies to the victory of man over nature Structures conceived and built by minds in constant search of new methods, ideas, applications and solutions.

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