Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

Road Network Development And
Our Offering For Them


Vikash Anand
Head-SBU, Road Surfacing
STP Limited


With the continuous focus of Government of India on improvement and upgradation of road infrastructure in the country. There will be continuous increasing demand for construction chemicals for the segment. There will be requirement for repair and maintenance products as well as for new constructions. A good transport system helps the country towards economic development and prosperity. India has been making significant progress towards development of road infrastructure across the country.

Bharat Mala project is a new umbrella program for the highways sector that focuses on optimizing efficiency of freight and passenger movement across the country by bridging critical infrastructure gaps through effective interventions like development of economic corridors, inter corridors and feeder routes, national corridor efficiency improvement, border and international connectivity roads, coastal and port connectivity roads and green-field expressways

There is a scope of growth in development of both Bitumen roads and concrete roads. This will lead to a growth in both construction chemical segment and Bituminous product segment. STP Limited is pioneer in both these product lines and hence can offer complete product basket in this critical development. STP Limited understands the fundamentals and requisites of pavement quality concrete and as well as Bituminous Concrete. Our range of construction chemical products e.g., Admixtures, Curing Compound, Sealants and repair products are exclusively designed for use in concrete roads, flyovers, bridges and runways.

There are two types of concrete in road construction structural and non-structural. The rheology of these two is different and they have different requirements as well. We have range of Admixtures with us which can fulfil requirement of both these types of concrete. This can address workability challenge as well early strength gain challenge to execute construction in fast pace.

Similarly, our Bituminous products range such as Bitumen Emulsions, Bitumen Coatings, APP Modified Bituminous Membranes, Liquid Membranes, Pot Hole Repair Products are Exclusively designed of Bituminous roads and help our clients in faster execution as well as in repair and maintenance of Roads.

Although STP Limited has complete range of Products for development of both rigid and flexible pavements, we will focus our discussion mainly on solution we offer for rigid pavements.


STP Limited has complete range of Admixtures under the brand name ShaliPlast for use in different requirements of concrete. ShaliPlast range can be designed for specific site requirements based on the mix design, cement contents, concrete flow parameters and workability retention.

STP Limited has exclusively designed admixtures for PQC grade concrete. We have SNF based admixtures under the brand name ShaliPlast SP and PCE based next gen admixture under the brand name ShaliPlast PCE.

Curing Compound

Curing is an essential process after concrete pavement is laid. Curing is a process through which concrete retains sufficient amount of free water within it to allow cement particles to hydrate. Hydration and hardening of concrete during the initial days is critical. Properly cured concrete leads to increased strength and lower permeability and avoids cracking. STP Limited has complete range of Curing Compound under the brand name of ShaliCure.

SHALICURE PA is water based, wax emulsified curing compound and SHALICURE AL is a high efficiency polymer based film forming curing agent.

Joint Sealants

In rigid pavements, joints must be made to make provision for expansion and contraction of concrete. We need to seal these joints so that any dust or any solids do not go inside and restrict expansion or contraction. Hence a suitable sealant must be filled to accommodate movements without loss in integrity of the concrete. Joint sealants become especially important in runways and taxiways. STP Limited has complete range of Joint Sealants with the brand name SHALISEAL. We have range of Polysulphide Sealants and Polyurethane Sealants to fulfil variety of needs in construction 

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