Monday, June 27th, 2022

Pune Metro’s Mangalwar Peth Station Designed On Tekla Software, Saves 50% Time

Pune Metro’s Mangalwar Peth station will wear a unique ‘Mavala Pagadi’ look once it is completed, thanks to advanced structural designs generated using Tekla Structures, the world’s leading Constructible BIM Software. Tekla Structures is the flagship construction software of the Global construction technology leader Trimble.


Mangalwar Peth is one of the seven elevated stations on the Pune Metro’s Vanaaj to Ramvadi line. All stations on this line will feature unique and iconic looks designed to pay homage to the city’s cultural heritage. The Mangalwar Peth Metro station was designed to draw inspiration from the appearance of a ‘Mavala Pagadi’ – a type of turban, which symbolizes honour and is a significant part of the Maharashtrian culture.

Pune-based Telge Projects Pvt. Ltd. was awarded the project for designing and engineering the metro station’s steel structure during the COVID-19 induced lockdown. Working on a tight deadline, the company took advantage of Tekla’s cloud-based collaboration tools. It delivered the project in just 20 working days and with only two engineers working on it. “With the central government mandating BIM for all important projects constructed in the country, and considering the complexities of the structure, we could trust only Tekla for super accurate and constructible models,” says Mr. Vrajesh Lad, Team Leader at Telge Projects.

The design and engineering team faced a daunting task in accurately imitating the Mavala Pagadi design. When the Telge Projects Team joined this project, it was under construction, and other teams had started working already, which meant that the Telge Team had to match and adjust their timelines with other stakeholders. Working in tandem with other teams that already had a head-start on the project added a challenge of a whole other level to the project.


The unique challenge faced by Telge Projects was the execution of this assignment amidst an unprecedented, global pandemic lockdown. This was the first hands-on experience for the Telge Team to

work in the new normal. Telge Projects had to remotely deliver this project with no prior preparedness with the limited resources available and within a very strict timeline. “It is only because of Tekla Model Sharing that we could continue working as efficiently as we had been working from our office,” adds Mr. Lad.


“Executing such an ambitious project successfully within such tight timelines and in the middle of a global pandemic and shutdown clearly demanded the best in design and engineering prowess,” says Paul Wallett, Regional Director, Trimble Solutions, India and the Middle East. “We are content that Tekla Structures has proved its mettle yet again as a reliable BIM solution that can deliver any designing marvel in the hands of a capable team. Kudos to Telge Projects for a marvellous job done.”

Telge Projects Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO (TUV-SUD) 9001-2015 certified structural engineering services and solutions company.


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