Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Piling For Stronger Bridges Along Highways

Whenever and wherever road construction is undertaken, most probably, it will also involve building bridges. In most, if not all cases, since the load carrying capacity of the bridges are generally high, piling rigs or rotary drilling rigs as they are called, become a necessity rather than an option for drilling piles. In this regard, many constructing equipment manufacturers have introduced piling rigs in the Indian market. One such company is SCHWING Stetter India, which has launched XCMG range of piling rigs in the Indian market.


XR220DII rotary drilling rig has a specially designed hydraulic retractable crawler chassis, super structure and large diameter slew bearing. It is used for foundation piling of highway and metro rail projects, port terminals, buildings, and other foundation construction, especially for civil engineering to drill holes in concrete cast-in-situ piles. Longer wheelbase gives it high stability to the terrain. Also, the Kelly-bar does not have to be removed during transportation.

The transportation width and height are 3.25 m x 4.3 m, respectively. Compact size and light weight decrease the transportation costs and set-up time at the jobsite. It adopts an imported Cummins turbo charged engine with electro-control, which provides strong power and best in low fuel consumption in its category. Patented parallelogram type luffing mechanism achieves a wide range of work area. The mast is made up of high strength material with box structure design for high strength and rigidity to effectively guarantee the accuracy of drilling. Each articulated point adopts lubrication free bearing to make flexible rotation. Rotary drive, main winch and auxiliary winch have high output speed that improves the efficiency of work. Rotary drive is operated by a winch (cylinder) to crowd and extract, which is driven by hydraulic drilling motor. It is equipped with appropriate friction type or inner lock type drill pipe driven sets, which makes it convenient to work. The maximum drilling diameter is 2,000 mm with maximum drilling depth with friction/interlocking Kelly bar of 67 m/52 m.

Operator cabin is of FOPS control cab with adjustable seat, air conditioning, operating, and working lights, windshield wipers. The console with all kinds of instrument and control handle is very user friendly for operation. Cabin is equipped with LCD colour display dashboard. The application of advanced intelligent control technology, CANBUS technology and virtual instrument technology makes human – machine interface simple and easy to diagnose and troubleshoot. It also indicates the perpendicular of the mast and drilling depth. Automatic real-time detection shows working record, fault recording, input/output signal of the online debugging and diagnosis, as well as the drilling mast limit, amplitude limit, main winding limit, filter clogging alarm, maintenance tips, all kinds of alarm information, etc. PLC control system can automatically or manually adjust the drilling mast inclination and perpendicular of the drilling mast. Either graphical or numerical, real-time dynamic display on dashboard is possible.



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