Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

“People Are Quality Conscious And Want Cost-Effective Products.”


Mr. Hasan Rizvi
Sr. Vice President,


For over 8 decades, STP has been an innovative, respected and trusted solution provider to its customers in the field of waterproofing, protective coating, sealants, flooring, admixtures and grouts, and restoration and rendering businesses. Hasan Rizvi, Sr. Vice President, STP Ltd. in conversation with CE&CR, shares his views on the progress of the adhesives and sealants industry, the current trends in the market, the impact of COVID-19, and more.

Civil Engineering and Construction Review: Innovation in the construction chemicals sector is thriving. Which new technologies have been adopted in the adhesives and sealants segment?

Hasan Rizvi: Presently, there are various types of sealants available in the market: like polysulphide sealant, polyurethane sealants, silicon sealants, coal tar & bituminous sealants.

STP Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Berger group, is a company known for developing innovative products. We are among the largest manufacturer of sealants in India. We manufacture sealants for the market as well as OEMs, including numerous national and international brands. The market is inclined towards PU Sealants.


CE&CR: People are inclined towards cheaper construction adhesive and sealant options over superior quality products. How do the companies with quality work survive in this mixed market?

Hasan Rizvi: People are quality conscious and want cost-effective products. No one likes to compromise on quality, so it won’t be correct to say that people are inclined towards cheaper construction adhesive and sealants.

It has been seen that in any sector, only three or four top companies survive. STP Ltd., a subsidiary of Berger, is among the top construction chemical companies in India.

CE&CR: How crucial is the availability of trained applicators in ensuring product benefits? What is the company’s approach to skill development?

Hasan Rizvi: Trained manpower for the construction chemical sector is in short supply, but it is not a major hindrance. STP Ltd. has introduced an institute for waterproofing and protective coating to train the staff and people associated with STP Ltd.


CE&CR: What are the factors driving the demand for adhesives and sealants? What is the market share of adhesives and sealants in the construction chemicals segment?

Hasan Rizvi: The focus of the Government on speeding up infrastructure like power, ports, roads, freight corridors, industrial hubs, etc. are the drivers for the sealant and adhesive industry. Due to COVID-19, it will still take some time for the market to pick up.


CE&CR: What, according to you, will be the emerging trends in the construction chemicals industry, post COVID-19?

Hasan Rizvi: The way India does business will change. The interactions are getting virtual. Apart from this, a strong network of authorised applicators are being trained by the company to execute the jobs and provide after sales service, which will be monitored and supported by our team of engineers and technical operators


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