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“PEB Is One Of The Choices When It Comes To Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Construction”



Mr. D Raju
Managing Director
Kirby Building Systems & Structures India Pvt Ltd, and
Global Head, Kirby International



As pioneers and one of the global leaders in the field of pre-engineered steel building systems (PEB) outside North & South America, Kirby Building Systems has contributed significantly to the industry and learnt many things in the course of manufacturing over 90,000 buildings, across 70 countries. Mr. D Raju, Managing Director, Kirby Building Systems & Structures India Pvt Ltd, and Global Head, Kirby International, in conversation with CE&CR, shares his views on Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) – its current trends and the future.


Civil Engineering and Construction Review: Give us your assessment of the business and the market share occupied by PEB. Which are the demand driving regions and segments across India?

D Raju:  PEB is the short form of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, which is also referred to as Pre-Fabricated Steel Buildings. The current market size of PEB is estimated to be between 650,000 MT to 700,000 MT per annum and is rapidly growing, mainly because of infrastructure and industrial segments. The sector is further expected to witness high growth in coming years, owing to various initiatives taken by the Indian government in the form of large scale reforms, policy amendments, etc. Government´s focus on manufacturing and infrastructure development, along with rapidly growing urbanization and increasing middle income population has accounted for the overall growth of the construction sector. With faster project completion and sustainable construction that is eco-friendly and green in nature, there has been an increase in demand for steel structures across various industry segments.

CE&CR: What are the strategies adopted by the country’s PEB manufacturers to explore new growth arenas?

D Raju:  PEB industry has grown leaps and bounds over the last two decades but it is yet to achieve its true potential. This is completely achievable as the industry consisting of top organized players is maturing to take it to the next level of growth trajectory. The industry is overcoming many challenges by continuous knowledge sharing across seminars, conference, industry forums, colleges, education curriculum, etc. to the target audience, thereby increasing the popularity. Thus, a huge opportunity awaits this industry, especially in manufacturing sector and commercial high rises and this growth story is poised to continue in coming years.

Kirby is leading the path of new growth arenas through its new and innovative designs, systems and processes and construction techniques, thereby making the industry well-equipped to overcome all the limitations as well as capable to handle any type of project across different industry segments. With its rich experience and continuous learning at each and every stage of executing more than 25,000 diverse buildings for different industry segments across India, Kirby over the last two decades has evolved with new type of construction methodologies. This has enabled to complete the buildings in a much faster and safer way without any obstacles.

Warehouse Building – Haryana


CE&CR: Give us an understanding of the benefits of using PEB structures in meeting growing vertical momentum in construction projects?

D Raju:  The industry has ventured into unknown territories which were never thought of, thereby creating newer application areas for structures that are highly customized and unique in nature.  Kirby  India has already ventured into construction of residential and commercial buildings either completely in steel or composite form, which is slowly being accepted by builders and developers as being witnessed in major cities across India. The company has already executed many high-rise buildings for commercial and residential segments and is currently executing over G+20 floors commercial office buildings. This will definitely increase the demand for steel structures in the coming years.  Kirby  India being a leader will continue to achieve excellence and create new benchmarks for the industry. As for the future, we strive to grow in coming years and aspire to become one of the most preferred partner in the country for any type of steel construction. We are committed to take the company to newer heights with newer businesses and our customer centric and innovative approach with the support of all our stakeholders.

Racking Solutions


CE&CR: Technology has been ever-changing in the infrastructure segment. Elaborate on the type of demand surge seen in the recent years?

D Raju:  Kirby India has grown manifolds over the last few years from simple box like buildings for warehouses to very complex industrial buildings to high rise structures. The company is now adapting new innovative methods across design, fabrication and construction, which has widened their scope of operations. One of the important factor that has gained prominence over the last few years is safety at jobsites whether small or large. Kirby India has improved and implemented many innovative safe practices across all its jobsites by providing training to all the manpower and Certified Builders on safe erection practices over these years of operations and continues to do so to have incident free sites till project completion.

Kirby India already has state-of-the-art world class manufacturing facilities located at Hyderabad and Haridwar with each one having an annual installed capacity of 100,000 MT. Both the facilities are well-equipped with latest machineries for any type of steel fabrication and quality laboratory, consisting of all equipment for testing. This has resulted in both the facilities being accredited with ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001:2017 certifications. The Hyderabad facility was recently further enhanced with addition of most advanced machineries, such as CNC Sawing and Drilling Line, CNC Plate Drilling Machine (for high thickness plates), Structural Steel Bevel Cutting Machine and other balancing equipment. This enhancement will further strengthen  Kirby  India’s manufacturing capabilities and enable us to provide very high and quality finished buildings to all our customers thereby able to meet any type of requirement – industrial, high rise commercial complexes, car parks, hotels, bridges, flyovers, etc.

CE&CR: How does PEB contribute to sustainable construction?

G+12 Data Center – Mumbai

D Raju:  India is world’s fastest growing economy and its rapidly growing younger population is driving the domestic consumption story; leading to evolve ways of sustainable growth including construction. PEB is one of the choices when it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly construction, as steel is 100% recyclable and can be re-used for making other products infinite amount of time without loss of quality. These buildings are also referred to as green buildings, which has caught the attention of many builders, developers, etc. across India and is making inroads across all types of construction. Kirby India is in the forefront of this innovation and is leading the green construction in the country through its PEB technology, thereby contributing to the green building movement. These buildings are cost-effective, energyefficient and provide better quality environment, as they are cooler in hot conditions due to the favourable roofing material, suitable insulation and natural ventilation. The use of skylights and solar panels mounted on rooftops of industrial buildings also meet daylight and captive power requirements, which reduces the dependence on power supply from other sources. Effective usage of insulation material, louvers and other materials also help in temperature control and rain water harvesting. This will lead to a viable construction methodology as it has all the green benefits, dry construction, saving of natural resources, etc., thereby using environmental friendly material.


CE&CR: What is the scope of PEB in the post-lockdown scenario?

Metro Station – Hyderabad

D Raju:  Post implementation of GST and granting of infrastructure status to the logistics segment by the Indian Government, India has witnessed rapid growth in the warehousing segment with e-commerce industry being one of the key growth drivers supported by government’s initiative of creating world class infrastructure by setting up warehouses and cold chains across India for storage of food grains, vegetables, household consumption products, other goods, etc. and also encouraging corporates to develop logistics parks. India’s fast changing demographics consisting of rising middle class, younger population, increasing disposable incomes and various other factors are leading to increase in domestic consumption accompanied by change in habits. 


This has led to rise of e-commerce industry, and the growth of warehousing for storage of all types of goods, which is very near to the customers and can easily meet their requirements.

E-commerce and warehousing are expected to play a major role for the PEB industry in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as they are the major sectors generating demand for the pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB). Other sectors which are likely to play a key role in the post lockdown scenario are pharmaceuticals, packaging, food processing, consumer goods, etc., thereby driving the demand for steel buildings.
Factory Building – Gujarat


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