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New Product Launch
Hamm | HD Series: New Premium Models
With The Cutting-Edge Engine Technology



High-Quality Compaction, Economical Operation

July 2021 saw the launch of two new Hamm tandem rollers – the HD 99i and HD 109i – in the Indian market. Both models fulfil the requirements of the CEV-Stage IV and are more fuel efficient than their predecessors. Furthermore, both models offer a modern operator’s platform and excellent driving comfort and handling properties.

Both models are manufactured at the Wirtgen Group plant in Pune, Maharashtra. They are completely homologised and comply with the Indian laws and specifications in all details, from the engine and the lighting system, right through to their dimensions.

The Highlights of the New Hamm Tandem Rollers in the HD Series include Simple Operation,  High Compaction Power, a Modern, Economical Engine and Excellent Driving Properties

Two New Premium Rollers For India

The HD 99i tandem roller weighs nearly 9 t, while the HD 109i weighs approx. 10 t. Both articulated double vibration rollers are powerful all-rounders for road construction. With a drum width of 1.68m, they can be used in inner-city projects, for compaction on motorways, airports and other large areas. From the operator’s platform on the new tandem rollers, the driver has an excellent view of the construction site.

The seat can be turned 45° in either direction, and the open design of the frame provides a clear view of the drums, water-sprinkling system and drum edges. The roof, which is included as standard, protects the driver from the sun and rain.

The Dashboard on the Hamm HD 99i and HD 109i Rollers is Clearly Arranged The Roller can be Safely Operated Without the Need for Any Special Language Skills

Simple Operation, Comfortable Workstation

The operation is self-explanatory and does not require any special language skills. As standard, a USB socket, 12V socket and a bottle holder are included on board. This and other details turn the operator platform on the rollers into a comfortable work station. Bright work lighting with durable LED lights rounds off the high-quality and environmentally friendly overall picture.

Sustainable And Economical Engine

Both models are driven by a robust, water-cooled 3-cylinder John Deere engine in accordance with CEV-IV. The 55kW power unit is equipped with two fuel filters as standard. A diesel particulate filter is included on board for exhaust gas cleaning. As standard, the engine is designed to be used at outside temperatures of up to 550C. This is made possible by intelligently designed air flow and a large radiator. Furthermore, Hamm offers a cold start kit for temperatures from -50C as an option.

From the Driver’s Platform of the New Hamm HD 99i and HD 109i Rollers, the Operator can Always Keep an Eye on the Water SprinklingAll of the Nozzles are Easy to Replace


The operators can choose between three appropriately preset engine speeds for idling, transport and compaction. As a result, sufficient power is always available in work mode in order to operate the compaction units at the suitable frequency. Compaction work is therefore always of a high quality.

All in all, the combination of a modern engine, large radiator, air flow and engine management leads to reduced noise emissions and up to 10% lower fuel consumption when compared to the predecessor models.

Great Driving And Handling Properties Thanks To The Three-Point Articulation

The three-point articulation in the new tandem rollers guarantees even weight distribution, offers outstanding directional stability, impressive stability when negotiating curves, and a high level of safety against overturning. All of these factors have a positive effect on the compaction result, meaning that the HD 99i and the HD 109i produce extremely flat asphalt surfaces.

The Driver’s Platform on the New Hamm HD 99i and HD 109i Rollers, which are Produced in India, Offers Plenty of Comfort and Simple Operation


Customisation Is Key

Furthermore, customers can order their roller with or without lane offset and can add numerous options. This includes the HTM (Hamm Temperature Meter) for continuous measurement of the asphalt temperature at the roller, as well as ICS systems for comprehensive compaction inspection. The edge pressing and cutting device is also available in many different diameters and pressure angles.

Convenient Maintenance

The Hamm HD 99i and HD 109i rollers also prove to be convenient when it comes to the daily check and regular maintenance. All access points can be easily accessed from the ground. The service flap on the driver’s platform is new and facilitates access to the turbocharger.


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