Friday, October 7th, 2022

New Options For Proven Terex MPS Screen Modules


Terex MPS is proud to introduce new options for the popular MHS6203 and MHS8203 screen modules including a wash plant option and a feed box and support structure. The screen modules feature the proven TSV Series horizontal screens, combining the efficient, high g-force El-Jay™ oval stroke action and a large blending chute for a range of discharge options.


Wash Plant Option

The new wash plant option includes a feed box with two spray bars and support structure, screen spray system with manifold and under screen flume. Outfitted as a wash plant, the module can produce high value washed stone products and can be paired with a sand screw or other sand processing and fines recovery equipment.


Feed Box And Support Structure

The new Rock Box Style material feed box allows for the conveyor to feed from either side or over the back of the screen, allowing additional flexibility for placement of the module on a compact site or as part of a multi- plant system.


MHS8203 Dry Feed Box

The MHS6203 screen module features a 6ft.x20ft. 3 deck TSV screen, while the MHS8203 features an 8ft.x20ft. 3 deck TSV screen.All Terex MPS modular crushers and modular screens bolt together on site and require minimal on-site wiring. Designed with logistics in mind, the screen modules ship in two 40’ shipping containers; the screen ships separately.


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