Friday, October 7th, 2022

“Making Sure Nothing Beats An ACE!”


Mr. Manish Handa
Business Head – Earthmoving & Road Equipment Division
Action Construction Equipment Ltd.


ACE Is India’s leading material handling and construction equipment manufacturing company with a consolidated presence in all major Infrastructure, construction, heavy engineering and industrial projects across India. Mr.  Manish  Handa, Business Head – Earthmoving & Road Equipment Division, Action Construction Equipment Ltd., in conversation with CE&CR, shares his views on earthmoving equipment’s demand, trends, production in India, and more.


Civil Engineering and Construction Review: What is your opinion about the current market scenario of the earthmoving equipment segment? What will spur demand for earthmoving equipment in the impending years?

Manish Handa: COVID has been an unprecedented crisis and has severed a dent in the Indian economy in a major way, as also for the Civil Engineering industry. The first quarter of FY 20-21 bore the brunt of the negative impact of COVID. However, we have seen some traction in the last 2 months, i.e., Jun-Jul 2020, which may be a factor of the pent-up demand. Q3 of FY 20-21 will be crucial and the demand revival will depend on the Government push for infrastructure spend. We are getting positive indicators as the Government is pushing the on-going projects for timely execution. Overall, we feel that the industry may show a positive growth graph from Jan 2021 onwards (YoY basis).

After agriculture, the construction, infrastructure and real estate segments are the second-largest employment providers in the country. The infrastructure and construction sectors are key drivers for propelling development of the Indian economy and the intense focus of the Government for initiating supportive policies, including their edict of ‘atmanirbhar Bharat’ would surely ensure timely creation of world-class infrastructure in the country. This will certainly augur well for the CE industry.

CE&CR: Which major sectors and projects are you currently associated with, where your earthmoving equipment are used?

Manish Handa: Backhoe Loader is a versatile machine, which serves a diverse range of applications across various sectors. Its remarkably compact size is aesthetically designed to move easily across rough terrains, construction sites and roads. Backhoes save a lot of time as this multi-purpose equipment can easily perform various operations such as digging, grading, dozing, clamping, back dragging, filling, loading and levelling at construction sites and the operator doesn’t need to switch between different pieces of equipment, making Backhoe Loader a perfect machine for rugged terrains.

Besides performing the above mentioned basic tasks, they can also do jobs like ditches, laying pipes, planting underground cables or laying the foundation for buildings and drainage systems. If an augur is attached to the Backhoe, it can be used to drill holes for planting trees, signages and fencing projects in different variety of soils. A bucket can be joined for cleaning the ditch on the rear and an Asphalt cutter can be attached to the backhoe to repair roads. Similarly, various others attachments can be easily fixed in Backhoes for performing a number of various other tasks.

CE&CR: To what extent can the earthmoving equipment factories be called ‘Smart’? What role will latest technology trends play in the success of Atmanirbhar India initiative, which aims to transform India into a self-sufficient manufacturing power?

Manish Handa: Investment in automation is an on-going process to improve productivity and consistency. Our organisation has always been pro-active in this regard and has been following the path of automation, and upgrading thereof, wherever possible. We would continue to do the same.

Large auto manufacturers across the globe are already dabbling with technologies such as Photogrammetry for 3D printing and service/CRM solutions such as Reverb, Occulus and Hololens for remote identification and sometimes even solution of issues arising in vehicles. Not a remote possibility for us in the construction equipment industry either!

The use of technology in machinery also provides opportunities to improve the design and production of products using the service feedback. This can reduce considerably, the overall cost of the machinery through its lifespan along with a reduction in material consumption.

Leaders in their arena, ACE, has always pro-actively fulfilled each one of its customers’ requirements. Technology is now at centrestage and its use will not only be providing economically viable solutions for the manufacturers, operators and customers, but also environmentally viable solutions in the future.

At ACE, we are already utilizing some of the best technologies available worldwide and we constantly work to upgrade and adapt all possible technology to Indian working conditions. Making sure Nothing Beats an ACE!

CE&CR: Where do you see your earthmoving equipment with regards to ‘Design in India’ and ‘Engineer in India’ and ‘Make in India’?

Manish Handa: The rugged and reliable ACE Backhoe Loaders- All-New AX124 is powered with the highly efficient 76HP and 96HP Kirloskar Engines. These machines are equipped with improved hydraulic pumps and advanced structured loader arms with higher breakout force while digging or loading materials, ensuring 10-15% higher productivity. Further, it is fitted with globally renowned transmission from Carraro and hydraulic pumps from reputed brands and is available in both two-wheel and four-wheel drive options.

The recent technology upgrading options can be divided into three major categories
a) Advanced Engine Technology – Helps to maximize performance, minimize fuel consumption and the impact of emission regulations.
b) Advanced Hydraulics for higher productivity.
c) GPS system – Advanced telematics system to manage and monitor machines remotely.

A Swadeshi product with the key value proposition of “सही दाम ज्यादा काम” meets all the criteria a customer wants for a profitable investment.

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