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Layher Allround – The Ideal Scaffolding System for Constructions of High Rise Building

Mithilesh Kumar
Layher Scaffolding Systems Pvt Ltd

Layher produces high-quality scaffolding systems in Germany. The company has worldwide presence with more than 40 sales subsidiaries. The products are being used by industries like construction, cement plants, chemical plants, power plants, as well as shipyards and offshore.

More Possibilities – Layher Products and Services

Layher’s present product characteristics and services help customers achieve long-term success and increase the profitability of their companies. The Layher Allround Scaffolding has been established as a synonym for modular scaffolds on the market. The Allround Scaffolding offers unsurpassed versatility to be used in construction sites, chemical industry, power plants, aircraft, shipyards, event sector, theatres and arenas.


Allround scaffolding uses a simple, unique and bolt free connection technology. Sliding the wedge head over the rosette and inserting the wedge into the opening immediately secures the component. There is still sufficient play to secure the other end of the ledger. A hammer blow to the wedge transforms the loose connection into a superbly strong structurally rigid one. The face of the wedge head is now precisely positioned against the standard.

To transfer pulling force, every frame is secured by locking pins or bolts to each other. In this way the tower can be assembled on the ground and placed by crane.

Application Of Layher Allround Scaffold For Tallest Office Building In Slovenia

About 90 metres high, the Crystal Palace soars into the sky. The new building in Ljubljana is the tallest office building in Slovenia. The skyscraper also lives up to its name. Not only has the shape of the building reminded of a crystal, but also the shiny surface of the glass façade. To attach the glass elements on the sloping façade, the building contractor ordered a 90 metres high and approximately 12,000 square metres large work scaffold. The Slovenian scaffolders solved this task technically with the Layher Scaffolding: section by section they adapted the scaffold to the slope of the building with various brackets on the inside and then shifted it inwards by one scaffold width. Lattice beams that were anchored through window openings in the building served as bracing. During the assembly, the customers furthermore decided at short term to mount large-scale advertising banners. By bracing the work scaffolding vertically, with Allround lattice beams, even the increased wind loads could be transferred without putting unnecessary strain on the structure.

Application Of All Round For Historical Building

Layher Allround System, the scaffolding company Mönch erected the work scaffolding for renovation works at the “Friedenskirche” church in Ludwigsburg not only very cost-effectively, but above all perfectly adapted to the local conditions – for safe working in highest altitude.

The reason for this is extensive redevelopment works on the belfry of the church listed for preservation. The 72 metres high work scaffolding was erected at Ludwigsburg; as material the scaffolding company chose the Layher Allround Scaffolding. Especially on irregular designs like around and in churches, the Allround Scaffolding impresses with its flexibility and the safe and easy handling. With its advantages like screw-less quick and self-explanatory assembly, form-fitting and solid connection, dimensional stability and rigidity, scaffolders quickly create safe workspaces for the following assembly sections. Even in highest altitudes – and under high loads. After all, heavy stones have to be stored temporarily on the scaffold during the renovation.

In order to adapt the work scaffolding exactly to the design characteristics of the tower – with short bay lengths due to the tapered cone with its structure divided by ornaments – the scaffolders had to do an accurate planning before starting to build the scaffolding. Only on the Eastern façade that faces the street the scaffold was erected as an access on the total height of the tower. On the other sides of the tower, the scaffolders erected the scaffolding in a height of 32 metres, where the tower gallery is. The bearing in this area was carried out with steel beams and lattice girders. In order to be able to work on the ledges, additional suspended scaffolding at approximately 2 metres under the tower gallery was necessary. A passenger lift did not only go easy on the employees, but also the time account. Thus 5 scaffolders erected the scaffolding in 5 weeks quickly, efficiently and, above all, all the way to the top thanks to careful planning and sophisticated logistics – a precision landing.


Now there are no more obstacles in the way of a quick redevelopment of the dilapidated belfry. Especially the quadrangular round sandstone columns show considerable damages. The mortar has become loose in the gaps; the stones are no longer placed safely on top of each other – a danger for the building, but also for passing traffic.

The main cause, however, is the weather, as the sandstone cannot withstand the huge thermal strain. Currently, the need for renovation is
being analyzed exactly from the scaffolding; afterwards the stone restoration company and the stonemasons will start their work.



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