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JCB Livelink – Advanced Telematics

JCB India is an embodiment of the ‘Make in India’ programme. Its machines have been contributing to building world-class infrastructure in the country for over 40 years. The company today has five state-of-the-art factories in Delhi-NCR, Pune, and Jaipur – all of which operate on the principle of ‘One Global Quality’.

The Jaipur factory is also a significantly gender diverse facility, with over 30% of the workforce on the shop floor being women. JCB India’s sixth factory at Vadodara is currently underway. Also, JCB’s ‘Made in India’ products have been exported to over 110 countries.

In India, the company has a design and innovation centre at Pune, its largest outside of the UK. This facility develops exciting new technologies of the future and works on Global and Domestic projects. Thus, JCB India, ‘innovates, designs, manufactures, sells and exports’ from India.

JCB India has pioneered the integration of digital technology in its range of machines through advanced Telematics called ‘Livelink’. JCB pioneered in the segment almost five years ago when it introduced this technology.

JCB machines work in off-road and often remote locations, and Livelink helps in the remote monitoring and fleet management on the key parameters of service, operations, and security of equipment.

The technology now helps over 150,000 machines communicate real time on machine location, operations, performance, downtime, service alerts and security.

‘Livelink’ enables better site management and equipment utilisation, thereby improving the operational efficiency and cost-saving of the operations. Further, geo-fencing and time-fencing have enhanced the security for these machines.

The technology has been transforming the way machine-to-machine and machine-to-customer business is being done. This information is available to customers on their mobile devices through a web browser or also through the ‘Livelink’ mobile application. Additionally, the system also sends out alert SMSs to registered mobile numbers.


Technology in machines benefit customers in better fleet and fuel management by enabling remote monitoring and management of their machines. JCB LiveLink incorporates GPS, telecommunications, machine electronics and IoT, enabling the equipment to remain in contact with owner, dealer and JCB.

Livelink is further integrated with JCB’s new ‘Intelli’ series of construction equipment. With this, the work done by the machine can be assessed in real time. This has improved productivity, reliability and efficiency of our machines to ultimately benefit our customers with ease of operation and cost profitability.

Accurate monitoring of machine hours and service alerts improve maintenance. Technical alerts and maintenance history data helps customers manage the machines health. Early warnings with detailed machine history enable users to plan work.

LiveLink helps manage machine health to keep your machines running with maximum uptime and return on investment. It can also assist in lower servicing and running costs by ensuring machines are operated to their optimum performance, reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary machine wear. By monitoring idle time and real time fuel consumption, LiveLink helps manage whole life cost of ownership, driving down costs, driving up productivity.

Moreover, LiveLink keep machines safe and improves control over machine misuse. Alerts can be set up for when a machine is moved out of or into a predetermined zone, and these geo fences are customisable to the space required.

With the government’s increased thrust on infrastructure, big ticket infrastructure projects are coming to the fore. These not only demand the best quality output but also work on tight timelines, creating a need for specialized, intelligent, and technologically advanced construction equipment.

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visit: www.jcb.com/en-in

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