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Highbar Technocrat Limited Empowers Digital Enablement Projects


Mr. Joydeep Banerjee
Head Business Development,
Higbar Technocrat Limited


The Government of India fosters an ambitious vision for the infrastructure industry to expedite economic growth and enhance the quality of life for the citizens. Highbar Technocrat Limited, India’s leading technology solutions provider for the infrastructure industry has mastered the art of architecting efficient Government infrastructure projects with its exclusive information technology solutions. With extensive experience in providing technology solutions for some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects, Highbar has been a catalyst in digitalization of infrastructure projects in India.

In these trying times, the construction industry is under immense pressure to be efficient, especially when it comes to large-scale projects. IT plays a decisive role in the development and e-governance of such initiatives to drive efficiency in infrastructure projects and the post-commissioning operations. 

Digital Enablement In Infrastructure

Government organizations need a judicious mix of internal competency development and strategic alliance with leading technology providers for complex projects. Being an end-to-end IT solutions provider for government Infrastructure projects, Highbar has provided innovative solutions for various mega projects concerning roads, highways, solar energy, smart cities, airports, railways, telecom, mining, etc.

The company extends its expertise in the infrastructure sector for a range of government bodies such as the central government, state governments, and local Authorities like municipal corporations as well as international agencies.

Highbar’s customized construction solutions resolve a series of infrastructure challenges that frequently arise in government infrastructure megaprojects. Here are some ways in which the company facilitates efficiency in large and complex infrastructure projects:  

  • Enabling end-to-end management of project execution and monitoring
  • Enabling effective system based checks & controls across organization
  • Automation of file movements & document management
  • Effective dashboards
  • Facilitates quick and transparent delivery of services to the citizens/customers, vendors, and employees through digitalization.
  • Eliminates the complex task of integrating data from multiple sources and transforming it into common structures and taxonomies. 
  • Enabling availability of real-time information to stakeholders facilitating effective organization-wide policy decisions
  • Streamlining business processes and optimization of valuable resources and assets
  • Optimizing organizational structures, information channels and analysis of multiple scenarios proactively

Expressing his views on the matter, Mr. Joydeep Banerjee, Head Business Development, Highbar Technocrat Limited said, “Highbar brings in the rich domain expertise and extensive experience necessary to work on large-scale government projects. Our methodology is to conceptualize IT deployment as a transformation initiative rather than facilitating technology, enabling government agencies to extract maximum value for their investments. Our solution in the areas of ERP, BIM/5D BIM, GIS, Analytics, E office suit is helping many big Government organizations like Nagpur and Pune Metro, Ministry of road transport, NHAI, Maharashtra state road Transport Corporation, Bhubaneswar smart city and many more.”

“Our solutions are strategically built for better monitoring and control over projects of large scale to enhance the efficiency in construction operations. The solution helps in timely completion of projects and saving cost. It also helps in integrating all business function in a single platform, thus enhancing easy data retrieval and reliability of information. The system also helps in migrating towards paperless office and minimum physical contact between employees which is most important need of current pandemic situation,” he added.

Vision For The Future

Recently, the pandemic triggered a large scale labour exodus from the metropolitan areas. This massive shift severely impacted construction projects in their primary and secondary stages, putting them in a prolonged state of uncertainty. The crisis severely affected government megaprojects, which now require revised planning and advanced analytics to plan the future course of action.

Through smart construction solutions, Highbar offers an array of strategic benefits, like avoiding project delays and cost overruns, enabling robust planning, and making better informed decisions.

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