Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Drone Survey Report

Drone Survey Report

Drone Videography Of EDFC Railway Track To Implement ‘Leverage Technology For Project Management’ For Monitoring DFC Project, In Between Mughalsarai-Sonnagar


Drone Technology is gaining new priorities in the field of inspection and monitoring.

Indian Railways use drones to check the ongoing work of the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC).
The company has decided to monitor other under-construction projects as well as the situation in the aftermath of train accidents. Currently, about 170 projects, including doubling and laying of new lines, are being executed by railways.

DFCCIL have given ICC to monitor the new track of 145 Km track to inspect from Mughal Sarai to Son Nagar. The drone was used for the monitoring. The status report was prepared after the analysis of video recordings.

We have been given 3 phases to do done drone survey, at present we have successfully drone survey completed Phase I with the following specifications as desired by DFCCIL:-

  • RAW Video should be of 4K resolution with Geo-tagging.
  • Video must include DFCC Logo, station, height of video capture, date time of recording, kilometre chainage.
  • Proper safety of railway staff, public and rail users will be responsible during the videography at locations.
  • Low altitude aerial video and images are to be taken for whole length of railway route including right of way (ROW). Videos and photographs are geo referred by GPS & GLONASS
  • Running video recording should be preferably in speed range of 20-50 km/h
  • Oblique aerial videography should be done at 45 degree – 30 degree or as per best practices
  • Very low attitude flight height of about 20-100 M requirements should be used for clear details capture.
  • UAV system should have live video /picture available at control station (FPV-First Person View) to capture the relevant project details precisely with right context
  • Structures, level crossings and approaches, major bridge, minor bridge, pipe culvert, station yard, depot, DFCCIL track connectivity, encroachment obstructions, roads, major site features etc. along the railway line.

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