Monday, June 27th, 2022

Concrete Protective Liners For Wastewater Basin


Martin Herr
Managing Director
AGRU Plastic Technology Pvt. Ltd.


The French company SIBA (Syndicat Intercommunal du Bassin d’Arcachon) is investing more than 15 million euros over two years (2018 and 2019) to build a reservoir of 30,000 m³, which will store wastewater in the Lagrua region of La Teste de Buch. If a problem occurs in the sanitary network, the wastewater can be temporarily stored in this underground reservoir. This leaves enough time for the repair and the continuity of the wastewater collection remains guaranteed.


For Walls and Ceilings, the Team Produces Precast Concrete Parts with Co-Extruded Sure Grip Liners The White Anchor Studs Reduce the Expansion of the Concrete Liners before Concreting

The two huge tanks with diameters of 60m and 40m and depths of 8.5m are built in in-situ concrete. Walls and ceilings are lined with 9000m² of co-extruded Sure Grip concrete protection liners in 3mm and 5mm thickness. This sealing is intended to protect the non-water-covered concrete surfaces against aggressive hydrogen sulfide gas. The construction team produces prefabricated elements with a height of 8.5m with concrete protection liners and overlap joints cast in on one side. The team uses co-extruded Sure Grip liners for millimetre precision production. The white anchoring top side reduces expansion of the concrete protection liners before concreting.


AGRU Supplies HDPE Pipes as Lost Column Formwork and Simultaneous Corrosion Protection for this Gigantic Waste Water Tank Walls and Ceilings are Lined with Sure Grip Concrete Liners

The HDPE Concrete Protection is Intended to Protect the Wastewater Tank from Corrosion for Decades. The Floor will not be Lined because it will always be Covered by Water


After curing, these lined precast concrete elements are attached to the pre-concreted circular wall and also cast with concrete. Due to the prefabricated parts with lap joints, the number of necessary weld beads is reduced to a minimum. In both tanks an additional 67 or 33 AGRULINE HDPE pipes in OD 500mm are delivered as “lost” column formwork with simultaneous concrete protection function. The pipes serve as a casting mould for the in-situ concrete, but remain permanently in the tank even after the concrete has hardened, thus protecting the concrete columns like a second skin against corrosion by the aggressive hydrogen sulfide gas.

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