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CASE Construction Equipment’s Crawler Excavator CX220C

CASE India launched its first ever excavator CX 220C at the biggest construction equipment event in Asia – Excon 2019 in December. CASE Construction Equipment’s Crawler Excavator CX220C is specially designed for tough applications. This machine has been built for the Indian terrain and delivers maximum productivity, lower fuel costs and faster cycle times. A few salient features of the CX220C are:

High Efficiency

The operating weight of CX220C excavator is 22 tons and it is equipped with the fuel efficient    FPT 6-cylinder electronically controlled engine. It develops a gross power of 117 KW (157 hp) and peak torque of 622 Nm at 1800rpm. This world-renowned FPT (Fiat Power Train), engine is designed to boost machine performance and optimize fuel economy. This engine delivers exceptional power and torque which reduces the transient time making the hydraulic system immediately reactive to any load. The fuel consumption in the excavator can be constantly monitored by the operator through the new ECO gauge function – that displays real time energy savings.

Precision and Controllability

The machine is highly suitable for stone quarry, road works, general construction, and earthwork. The proven CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) provides remarkable machine control with unmatched energy and fuel savings in all cycle time phases. Two variable displacement axial piston pumps with a regulating system are combined with the CASE main valve, designed in Japan for fine, precise, and efficient operations. The Hydraulic system is governed by a Machine Control Unit which collects input from pressure sensors located on the pumps, main valve, and pilot lines. The Machine Control Unit continuously dialogues with the Engine Control Unit to optimize machine output at any moment in any condition.

Reliability and Strength

Robust design with increased plate thickness on structures and attachments improves the durability of the excavator. The Boom and arm plate thickness has been increased by 33% and features Heavy Duty brackets and reduced tolerances which increases component life, thus minimizing downtime. The undercarriage structure features thicker structural plates and a sloped lower frame design.

The lower cost of ownership also comes with longer service intervals. Another plus is easy maintenance from the ground level for user comfort and faster service times. 

Power and Versatility

The Excavator is an impeccable machine for every application, it comes with three available power modes and 10 auxiliary hydraulic settings. The power modes are:

  • AUTO: for normal digging, grading, lifting and precision work. Power Boost always engaged.
  • HEAVY: for heavy operations, always granting the best balance between productivity and fuel economy. Power Boost automatically engaged.
  • SUPERPOWER: extra speed and power for the most demanding jobs that require maximum productivity. Power Boost automatically engaged.

Operators can store up to 10 auxiliary hydraulic flow and pressure settings to easily switch among different attachments with no need of any mechanical adjustment. This customized operation enables the machine to be highly versatile while maintaining power outputs.

Fast Cycles and Operator Comfort

The advanced hydraulic system offers higher breakout forces, improved swing speeds and greater swing torque, resulting in faster cycle times and 5% increase in productivity. Power boost function is automatically engaged. The electronic management of speed and power lowers fuel consumption and offers considerable productivity benefits in terms of outputs.

The CX 220C is equipped with CASE India’s renowned Telematics system for real time updates. The spacious HVAC Cabin comes with liberal legroom for a comfortable working environment. CASE India has also incorporated and ergonomically designed mechanical seat which has 8 different adjustments enhancing operator comfort and hence productivity. A system of vibration dampening is introduced which protects against whole body fatigue and gives maximum productivity. The cabin contains features like Auto Climate Control function and Air conditioning system with 25% more airflow and 8 vents for better efficiency during harsh summers; and an openable roof window to give better visibility on top. An integrated 7-inch LCD Monitor enables real time parameter monitoring.



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