Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Aurobindo Realty & Infrastructure Chooses Elematic To Fast-Track Projects In Hyderabad

Aurobindo Realty & Infrastructure has adopted precast technology to speed-up construction processes and take advantage of the development boom in Hyderabad, which is home to about seven million people, and is one of the speediest developing cities in India. Numerous IT companies have their headquarters here and many infrastructure projects are being developed.

Aurobindo Realty, when faced with the dilemma of creating modern sleek buildings with minimum time and manpower, and more secure environment for construction workers, began to explore alternate construction methods. “With conventional systems, we would have faced the challenge of getting skilled manpower, besides having to deal with high attrition, site logistics and safety issues,” said Ravindra Kumar VJ, Chief Executive of Aurobindo Realty.

“In fact, most construction companies in India are faced with similar problems,” he noted. “These challenges, coupled with project requirements are leading to cost and time overruns in projects along with huge costs in rectifying any defects.”

The company executives began to consider alternatives for construction over the traditional methods and soon discovered the advantages of precast construction, which empowers quicker project execution at twice the speed of traditional construction and over 50 percent reduction in labour prerequisites. “We soon realized that using precast enables high quality and uniform products produced in a controlled environment. The other main gain is in construction time due to advantages of speed and consistency,” said Kumar.

Adopting precast technology for Aurobindo implied lessening in labor, timely project completion and fewer wastage of materials – all of which gave the company a competitive edge. The company chose Elematic precast technology from Finland, which offered state of the art plants, proven technology and machineries that are being used across the globe, and complete end-to-end services.

Aurobindo soon finalized a 21-acre land in Sanga Reddy district of Hyderabad for setting up the precast plant. But the work was far from over. “We are providing a full gamut of services from setting up the plant, training the company’s team for efficient operations, as well as having an annual maintenance contract to ensure full production,” said Chander Dutta, Managing Director of Elematic India.

Presently, Aurobindo is on its way to reach its goal of completing its first project called Galaxy – a 24-story commercial tower located at the busy industrial hub of HITEC city. The company is also launching two more projects which will also use precast construction – Orbit, a 24-story tower at HITEC city and Lulu Mall – an Emirates-based mall operator. Aurobindo’s precast plant is already on an expansion mode. It has installed a third beam line to augment its production capacity and to meet the increased demand from their sites.

Adopting precast method of construction bodes well not just for Aurobindo but for the Indian construction industry as a whole. With successful examples such as Aurobindo, the construction sector is set to see accelerated usage of precast technology and superior quality of buildings in the years to come.



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