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An Exhaustive Study On The Infrastructure Requirements For The Construction Of A Residential Complex – 2BHK & 3BHK

 Dr. Manchikanti Srinivas
 Department of Civil Engineering,
 Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of       Engineering (Autonomous)
 Vedangi Mani Raju
 M.Tech (Infrastr. Engg. & Mgmt.) Student
 Department of Civil Engineering,
 Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of   Engineering (Autonomous)

The desires of the people are changing day after day and the living standards are also improving due to the increased purchasing power. Hence people are desirous of a more comfortable life, which includes a comfortable lifestyle when it comes to housing and the allied facilities [10]. Therefore, people can now afford to buy and live-in satellite townships, as there are many advantages such townships offer. This paper presents a master plan of the proposed Satellite Township which is developed based on an exhaustive study of various master plans of well-developed cities like Pune, Chandigarh etc.

Residential areas are developed either as (a) Plotted Development or (b) Group Housing Development. The density pattern (high density, medium density, and low density) is followed for working out the pattern of development with respect to the size of the plot, number of dwelling units in each plot, setbacks, Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and the number of storeys/height of the building [5]. The municipal and social infrastructure as per the norms and standards specified in the master plan are provided. The various sites or plots required for social and municipal infrastructure are indicated in the layout plans. The development norms for different users or activities and on different sizes of plots apply for sanctioning of the plans based on the TCPO (IS: 8888-1993) manual [8]. These are based on development control rules applicable to the city or town. After a thorough study of the amenities provided in various master plans, it is proposed to provide better amenities in the proposed Satellite Township.

Generally, the minimum plot size is 30 sq.m. However, the plot size may vary depending upon the type of the housing needed for a particular city, based on the general affordability of the people. The size of the plot would also depend on the number of dwelling units to be permitted on each plot. The proposed township is planned in Visakhapatnam, which has an undulating terrain. As per Floor Area Ratio (FAR) the size of standard dwelling units are fixed based on the density pattern given in the development plan, taking into consideration a population of 4.5 persons per dwelling unit [5].

Details Of Residential Complex In Satellite Township

The total area of all the 2BHK and 3BHK flats put together is 5.44 acres, which constitutes 13.6% of the entire Satellite Township (of area = 40 acres).

All 2BHK flats are provided with amenities like:

  • One master bedroom with attached toilet
  • Children bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Pooja room
  • Dining hall
  • Store room
Fig. 1: CAD Plan of a 2BHK Dwelling Unit

All the 2BHK flats are exclusively constructed in a block and there are 15 floors in a block.

2BHK block dimensions:
Length (L) = 145ft. (44m approx.)
Width (B) = 54ft. (16.4m approx.)

Dimensions of one 2BHK flat:
Length (L) = 13.87m
Width (B) = 6.7m

Dwelling units:
In one 2BHK block there
are 15 floors.
Each floor has 6 flats
Total number of flats =
15 x 6 = 90 Flats
Total number of dwelling units in 6 clusters or blocks = 90 Flats x 6 Blocks = 540 Flats

Number of people accommodated = 540 x 4.5 persons = 2,430 people (Assuming 4.5 persons per flat)

Fig. 2: CAD Plan of a 3BHK Dwelling Unit

3BHK block dimensions:
Length (L) = 106ft. (32.308m)
Width (B) = 87ft. (26.13m)

Dimensions of one 3BHK flat:
Length (L) = 14.7m
Width (B) = 11.84m

Bill Of Quantities
i) For a 2BHK flat:
Up to plinth beam cost = Rs. 9,68,072/-
One flat cost = 19,62,782/-
Total cost = Plinth beam + Flat cost = 9,68,072 + 19,62,782 = Rs. 29,30,854/-
Ground floor = 6 Flats = 6 x 19,62,782 = Rs. 1,17,76,692/-
1 Block = 15 Floors = 15 x 1,17,76,692 = Rs. 17,66,50,380/-
6 Blocks= 6 x 17,66,50,380 = Rs. 1,05,99,02,280/-

ii) For a 3BHK Flat
Up to plinth beam cost = Rs. 9,79,676/-
One flat cost = Rs. 21,01,030/-
Total cost = Plinth beam + Flat cost = 9,79,676 + 21,01,030 = Rs. 30,80,706/-
Ground floor = 4 Flats = 4 x21,01,030 = Rs. 84,04,120/-
1 Block = 15 Floors = 15 x 84,04,120 = Rs. 12,60,61,800/-
8 Blocks = 8 x 12,60,61,800 = Rs. 100,84,94,400/-

  1. Optimal land-use plan is developed considering the models used at various places for similar projects in the country.
  2. After a detailed estimate, the proposed cost of a 2BHK to the buyer will be Rs. 40 lakhs and 3BHK will cost 60 lakhs. These costs are considered to be economical considering the prevailing market prices.
  3. The developer(s) will earn an assured profit of 25% after executing this project.
  4. It is a Greenfield project and care has been taken to ensure that the environment is not affected due to this project coming up.
Fig. 4: CAD Plan of a 3BHK Block
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