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AGRU ULTRA-GRIP Concrete Protection
Liners For The Ultimate Grip In Concrete

Longer service life for concrete structures


Martin Herr
Managing Director
AGRU Plastic Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Concrete Protection Liners (CPL) made of HDPE, PP, ECTFE and PVDF provide excellent protection of concrete structures from abrasion and corrosion. This product group offers a complete, premium quality selection of plastic liners that provide perfect protection for concrete. The main focus here is on protecting concrete against environmental influences and aggressive or abrasive media, in order to improve the service life of concrete works. The specially designed ULTRA-GRIP anchoring studs, which are embedded in the concrete, provide a superior mechanical connection between concrete and the liner.


Concrete protective liners are used wherever concrete structures are faced with rough external influences. The main applications for concrete protective liners are, in particular, in transportation and storage of liquids and where chemical resistance cannot be ignored.

For Floor Lining a Special Anti-Skid Surfaced Liner Prevents Slipping
and Provides the Required Safety

Effective protection for concrete is ensured by the combination of the benefits of special thermoplastic liners (flexible, ductile, no corrosion) with those of concrete (high strength, high stiffness). The concrete is effectively protected thus prolonging the building’s service life. Absolute mechanical anchoring and bridging of cracks in concrete, as well as excellent shear and impact strength and the durability of the liners for concrete protection are just a few of the many benefits.

Concrete protective liners are welded together thus creating permanent and reliable joints. Depending on the project requirements, heated element butt welding, extrusion and hot wedge welding are necessary for a reliable and leak tight weld, which additionally offers chemical resistance.

AGRU’s CPL Product Range Comprises Various
Materials and Colours from 2mm to 12mm Thickness.

AGRU-Ultra Grip – For Handling Groundwater Pressure

By means of the newly developed Agru-Ultra Grip concrete protection liner, groundwater pressures of up to 1.75 bar (at 20°c) can now be permanently withstood. In large buildings, installation is even faster and cheaper because by using the sheets of 5m in width, which are also available from Agru, you can save up to 60% of the welds that would normally be necessary. For an extra-long service life, Agru-Ultra Grip also offers increased abrasion resistance.

A Construction Site in India

AGRU-Ultra Grip – Use In Tunnels

In the case of large underground structures such as sewage tunnels and collectors, service life span is of utmost importance. AGRU-Ultra Grip is a widely proven solution here. Optimised installation techniques in conjunction with the large-format sheets of up to 5m in width offered by AGRU enable corrosion-resistant and leak-proof linings to be installed rapidly and for a reasonable cost. Channels of this type are built with an internal diameter of up to 6m and have a single or double-layer design.

Highest Pull-Out Strength

50% higher pull-out strength than conventional concrete protection slabs.

Resistant To Water Backpressure

Water backpressures of up to 1.75 bar are permanently withstood.

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